Coaches and Opportunities


Boys Program Director: Andrew O’Neill

7th/8th A Coach: Ian Maunsell

5th/6th A Coach: Andrew O’Neill

5th/6th B Coach: Matt Quesada

3rd/4th A Coach: Niko Vlassis

K/2nd Coach: Eli Kell & Alicia O’Neill

Girls Program Director: Alicia Durante

5th/6th A Coach: Isabelle Berkoben

3rd/4th A Coach: Alicia Durante

K/2nd Coach: Joe Mignone

Interested in Coaching?

For information, please send an email to

Coaches are hired as Independent Contractors and will be required to obtain an active US Lacrosse Membership with Background Check, First Aid/CPR Training, and uphold the values and responsibilities listed below:

  • Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices
  • Be a role-model, stay positive, enthusiastic and industrious
  • Demonstrate the attitude, behavior, and conduct you expect from your players
  • Come to your practices and games on time, prepared, and ready to coach
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rules and strategy as they pertain to lacrosse
  • Attend all required MTLC coach and parent meetings
  • Do not use foul & abusive language, engage in fighting, or any other conduct which reflects poorly on yourself or MTLC
  • Effectively communicate with the club, parents and players
  • Show the kids how to have fun!

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